Google Analytics and Keyword Research

How do your blog is discovered¬† by various users on internet who use search engines like Goolge and Yahoo to find things and information they want on Internet? It is through the “keywords” that you have in your blog and blogposts and at various places and in meta data of your small website or blog. This keywords are of two kinds, meta keywords targeted basically towards the search engines to tell them what the blog or website is all about and are mostly invisible on page itself from the eyes of regular visitors but can be seen by viewing the source of the page. And there are keywords on your actual content that you use on your website or blog.

For instance a Dog related websites in India should concentrate on two keywords more than any other “Dog” and “India”, and they are (those websites serving content related to Dogs in India) more ‘discoverable’ by users of search engines if they use these keywords properly on their pages. Excessive use of same keyword on a page or on various similar pages may bring search engine bans on some particular pages by de-indexing it or on whole of the domain. This is due to ‘keyword stuffing’ that should be avoided by webmasters for better performance of their websites in Search Engines and to achieve good search rankings.

Google Analytics Access Screen

Google Analytics Access

How do we manage this? There are various tools available for the purpose but the easiest to use is Google Analytics. There are many other advantages related to Google Analytics apart from basic keyword research and we are going to discuss about them at length in near future but our basic goal toady is to understand how Google Analytics is used for the ‘keyword analysis’ on some particular page or on whole of your website domain.

First of all you need to create a Google Account (If you are using Gmail for a while you don’t need to create it as you already have it) to get started with Google Analytics. After you have created a google account you need to login to your Google Analytics account to get started with all the SEO work and keyword research you are going to do using it. Once you are logged into your¬† google account and click on the Access Analytics button you are prompted to sign up for google analytics account with a screen similar to the one shown in this picture:

Google Analytics Signup Page

Google Analytics Signup Page

Once you click on the sing up button you are asked to give your Website’s URL, Account Name, Time zone country or territory and Time Zone fields. Fill those fields and click continue and you are asked your first name, last name and country or territory. Fill the information and click next. You are now on Google Analytics Terms and Conditions page. Tick Yes, I agree to the above terms and conditions and click on button “create my account”

Hurrah, your Google Analytics account is now created and you are on Google Analytics: Tracking Instructions Page. You are given three options on this page for the tracking code you need to add to your website. Standard, Advanced and Custom. Standard should suffice in most cases including those wordpress and blogger subdomains and should not change it especially if you are using Analytics for the first time and for the sole purpose of Keyword Research. Lets keep things simple for now.

Now you are presented with the code that you may paste in your site. This code should be pasted immediately before the </body> tag on all pages that you want to track through Google Analytics. For most blogging tools and CMSs it is in your index.php file that you need to paste this code. Once you pasted this code into your website just click ‘Save and Finish’ button at the bottom of the page.

Now you are ready to use google analytics for keyword analysis and we are going to discuss about this in a future post (Very soon). We are also going to discuss about Tag Cloud in wordpress and how it should be used for the better SEO on both hosted and self hosted WordPress Blog and other CMSes and Blogging tools. Till than enjoy learning SEO.

7 thoughts on “Google Analytics and Keyword Research

  1. Soon we are going to post more about Google Analytics and Keyword Research and going to update information about various links and sources that you can use for the keyword research apart from Google Analytics and Google Adwords Keyword Research tool.

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