SEO for WordPress and small Websites/Blogs

SEO for WordPress is a good website that provides information about self hosted wordpress blogs. WordPress has evolved a lot in recent years and no more a simple blogging component for your nanny any more. It is a strong tool that web-masters can use for many purposes including small websites, corporate portals, personal blogs, photo and video galleries, online community forums and many more. And this is more true for the self hosted version of the WordPress blog rather than the free one offered by

There are certain advantages of WordPress self hosted blog like greater control over your permalink structure and hence better quality SEF – Search Engine Friendly URLs compared to the hosted one. And it is not very difficult to manage a small wordpress blog with a .com or .net domain name, a top level .tld, and a small shared hosting account that offers few GB or storage at very cheap rates.

Wordpress Upgrade Button on Dashboard

Wordpress Upgrade

You may also use the upgrade options available with the blogs. Here you can have a custom domain name for just $5 a year and very cheap hosting too. You may also enable custom CSS for the theme you are using to have a nice visual effects. Though it may not affect your Search Engine Ranking a lot but they certainly attract more visitors and probably tempt a random surfer to stay for a minute or two on your blog.

There are few things, like submitting your blog to popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing, are very important to any small website owner or webmaster as this is the first step towards making your presence felt to the outer world. Make sure that your Blog, if created through wordpress or any other means, is visible to major search engines. Submitting blog to major search eninges are enough and don’t waste your time on submitting them to small or foreign language search engines unless you are offering proper translated version of your blog.

You also may use Webmaster tools by Google and other such services offered by both Yahoo and Bing to check and get your website or blog properly indexed in them. Once thing most important for this is to use a .xml sitemap. Sitemaps are great way to tell the search engines about the importance of your pages and how they are ranked importance-wise internally.

One more thing that is important for a small website or blog owner is the proper internal linking of your pages and blog-posts from all most all parts of your website or blog. Make sure that you don’t have any orphan pages, posts or images and other rich media content that is not linked from any where. Proper internal link building is as important as getting the out bound links from good website. There are few tools available to check whether you have orphan pages or not.

Proper use of .htaccess and robots.txt extenison/file can help you a lot to avoid future troubles. .htaccess is very important as far as your permalinks are concerned. You need a mod_rewrite enabled apache server to utilize .htaccess file. robot.txt file tells the world (especially the search engines) about what files/folders should be indexed in search engines and what should be avoided. There are other tricks to achieve the same results but these are the simplest of them all.

Next time we are going to discuss how we can utilize Google Analytics to find few good keywords on our blog and how to build upon them and optimize them for the best performance in search engines. We are also going to learn something about Tags and Permalinks, SEF urls in wordpress and other Content management tools and blogging tools like Joomla, Drupal and Blogger.

2 thoughts on “SEO for WordPress and small Websites/Blogs

  1. We still have not discussed in detail what are self hosted and what are wordpress hosted blogs and few people who are new to this field may be are more confused than ever before but soon we are going to publish a blog about detailed features and things that you are going to miss in the blog compared to a self hosted wordpress blog. Get ready for the visual treat that is going to compare two versions of wordpress

  2. In the Caffeine update to Google’s SERP, this makes this commentary even more idyllicespecially upon reflection. Props!

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