Charismatic Blog Titles for SEO

There are few charismatic and simple tricks that you can use to write very attractive and magnetic blog titles for your small or moderate traffic blogs or websites. Better blog titles are very important also from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view and can gain you some respect in Blogging community. There are few things that one should keep in mind before making decisions about including phrases and keywords into Blog titles.  It should cajole users and readers and should gently persuade them to read the blog entry by just having a glance at your blog title.

Why and Does it really matter??

Internet has changed the way we look at things now. Titles and captions are no different as long as this change is concerned and undergone various changes and improvements after new media. Web 2.0 is going to change it for better only. Titles are not as long as they used to be before the online media was in existence. Now short is simple as a rule in most cases as blog titles are used by many sources including search engines. Most commonly they appear in following:

  1. Search Engine Results and Suggestions including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask
  2. Blog Search Engines and Blog Directory Services
  3. RSS and ATOM Feeds other Feed services like Feedburner
  4. Links, Pings and Comments from other fellow bloggers
  5. Social media and social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook and Hi5
  6. On your systems internal pages including Archives, Blogs, Tags and Search Pages
  7. Google News results and various other news search engines
  8. Easy to list using URL shortners
Blog Titles in Search Results

Blog Titles in Search Results

So peaking up the right title is not only necessary but a very important condition in your blog’s success in social media and public bookmarking services like Digg, Delicious and Technorati. There are few things that you can avoid while writing a title for  your blog post. The most important thing is not to use vulgar slang or informal words and phrases and offensive words as a title of your blog. Creating controversy is not good but healthy debate is always welcomed by most of the readers and users who leave comments to your blog and help you indirectly with your unique content.

You can create that “This is So Important” feeling with your blog Title that may help you in positive way. You are giving some information that is new to your readers or just some updates from your niche or area of expertise. If you constantly deliver news before the world knows it you are going to get more targeted traffic, and Good Blog Titles are going to help you immensely here.  Free I’s of good blog titles are (i) Insightful (ii) Intensive and (iii) Instructive that may hook your readers to reading further or clicking on that RSS feeder link that he or she has subscribed to your blog.

Goals and Importance of a good Blog Title:

  • Make it easier for your readers to get and idea about the topic you are going to discuss
  • Make it easier for search engines to help people find your article who are searching for a particular topic on a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Make it simple so that people can easily manage and bookmark your blog post
  • Make it descriptive and yet short as possible to remember easily

Minor changes and you have more responsive blog titles or headlines that help you generate more traffic for your blog both via RSS feeds and direct traffic as well as through search engines as they help it understand your content better.

Have your say on “Importance of a Blog Title or Headline”

Writing titles for search engines are as important as writing it for humans. It is an ART that requires a lot of skills and techniques to manipulate it according to your own needs and requirements.   It is a bad habit to title it with the numbers like ’15th blog’ or ‘the third entry’ or ‘Blog No.17’ as it gives no idea about the topic of your subject to the reader as well as search engines nobody searches for ‘the fiftieth blog’ on google and it is highly unlikely to get your blog properly index by google or yahoo.

What you should always keep in mind about writing good titles for your blogs?

One should avoid including below mentioned characters in their titles especially for websites and blogs for various reasons including the major one being not properly rendered by RSS services:

  1. Double Quote ( ” ” )
  2. Single Quote ( ‘ ‘ )
  3. Comma ( , )
  4. Question Mark ( ? )
  5. Hyphen ( – )
  6. Dash ( En Dash ” – “  or Em Dash ” — “)
  7. Apostrophes ( ‘ )
  8. Exclamation Points ( ! )
  9. Colons ( : )
  10. Ampersand ( & )

You must communicate the benefit reader is going to get by simply reading the tile of your blog. It is a good practice if you use descriptive and short articles full of keywords and trigger words related to your content or some stuff you are selling online. “Asking a Question” is also a great way to write titles for your blog as they create curiosity among readers and they stay on your blog for a while to take a look at your article. If the title is punchy it is an added plus. Adding humour or personalizing titles also help in a great way as it reduces the chances of your reader getting bored and leaving your blog without glancing at your content.

Punchy Headlines for your Content and Resources:

“If Web is a Chess board than ‘Content is King’ and ‘Blog Titles are Queens’ on that board” King the most important thing for your blog may be, but Queen is the most powerful for sure.

On an average 80% of the users don’t read the content after reading the headlines or Title of your blog. So how to keep them on your website page is very important. It is not as difficult as you think and little bit of practice and experiments can help you achieve your target very easily. There are few very useful resources about Writing Better Blog Titles and Headlines are available and we have listed few of them here for your benefit.

  1. 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work

  2. 7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work

  3. How To Craft Kick-Ass Title Tags & Headlines

  4. Great Content… Bad Titles – How to Let Your Blog Go

  5. Write Your Titles CAREFULLY and AFTER the Post

  6. How To Write a Good Blog Title for High Website Traffic

  7. Tools and Resources to Write Compelling Post Titles

  8. How to write blog headlines that make people click

  9. How to write blog post titles while keeping SEO in mind

  10. How to Write Killer Blog Titles & Why Mine Suck

Generally it is taught in the schools of Journalism and Mass Communication that making IMPACT should be the primary target of the headline and with a bit here and there it is true for online media also. Funny, Witty, Punchy and Creative article titles or blog headlines can help you increase visibility of your blog in many ways. Most of us feel that it is not that important and hogwash when writing the blog titles.

For more information on the topic from one of the most knowledgeable sources and critical commentary  please read this article here:

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