About SEOsurf

SEO Surf LogoSEOsurf is a blog related to SEO, Search Engine Optimization and SEM, Search Engine Marketing. We basically collect the links, seo related, from all around the web while randomly surfing information related to SEO and than post those links here for general viewing for all the webmasters and netizens who are interested in SEO and want to learn Search Engine Optimization. We do follow regular SEO forums, irc Channels and communities to study and find new information about the industry and post regular links to updates from the industry as well as news and reviews by experts from the SEO industry. We also send regular news updates to subscribed readers who want to remain up-to-date about the information and developments in the field of SEO. Hope you find this site SEOsurf at wordpress a useful place to manage your SEO related projects and enhance your knowledge and experience with the fast growing industry of Search Engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

This website is basically targeted to the users who are new to the SEO and SEM as well as intermediate level web masters and expert level SEO experts who want to remain up-to-date and informed about the industry developments but can not follow all the blogs and websites related to the SEO on their own. We have a large collection of links here and also have a newsletter targeted to the subscribers who are interested in managing their own SEO for a small personal blog as well as the experts who manage seo for large Web Portals.

Hope all SEO experts as well as dummies find this site very useful and all kind of feedback positive and negative, critic in nature is always accepted. Please make your suggestions to help us improve and deliver better results to our readers who want to master the art of SEO on internet.

2 thoughts on “About SEOsurf

  1. Great information and I find this blog related to SEO and SEM very useful it helps me keep updated in Search Engine Optimization industry and sends me regular updates about it. Keep it up, good work guys!!

  2. Really , nice collection of web materials and information for SEO .gives in depth analysis and well organized data for learning . great work….!!!!

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