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There are many different kind of scripts and services used by webmasters and bloggers alike. Many of these services offer hosted space with all the infrastructure you need to run a small website or blog, like google’s blogspot service and Automattic’s WordPress *(This very blog is hosted on free service offered by wordpress.com). Here you don’t need to worry about security, hosting etc of your website but space offered by them is often limited and all features that those custom scripts and self-hosted versions offer are not available with them.

Self hosted blogs. websites using wordpress like blogging tools or joomla like CMS (Content Management System) offers great flexibility as well as customization options but have certain limitations also. Most of the hosting companies offers shared hosting and IP address is shared with so many good as well as bad sites (IP neighbourhood) and may affect your search engine rankngs. This is not a problem with a Dedicated Servers with a static IP address but every blogger can not afford those costly 200$/month servers. So one has to make a wise decision about choosing the type and kind of service for the blogging. It also depends a great-way on your needs and requirements.

Self hosted services offers great SEO flexibility like changing permalinks, SEF urls etc with or without the help  of .htaccess extension. Greater choice available in themes and designs and more room for customization and unique looks. You also may have much larger storage even with those cheap shared hosts where you can share a large amount of rich media files and databases. There are always few positives and few negatives and few grey patches in between when we have to choose between self hosted or wordpress/blogger hosted blogs.

There are other SEO related things that we can not achieve easily with wordpress/blogger hosted blogs and are outside the scope of discussion in this introduction page for webmasters about SEO and SEM. Search Engines sometimes favour services offered by professional blog hosts against the self hosted blogs and may rank them higher in few special cases. *(I have few .blogspot.com/blogger blogs with pagerank or 3 and 4 and are rated much higher than few of my .coms and .nets)

Content is king for any website and it is not a myth. Few believe that it is myth and you can copy/paste content modify it a bit and can reach a great wide audience by doing some cheap SEO tricks and stuffing keywords in meta fields to fool search engines. It is true to some extent but search engines find out about those “black-hat” SEO techniques and sooner or later they ban your site from appearing into search results and it is a serious matter for professional bloggers who are financially dependent on those blogs and websites.

There are basically 3 kind of techniques related to SEO. “white-hat”, “black-hat” and “grey-hat” We are going to discuss about them in detail in few upcoming posts on this blog and also in few static pages dedicated to the topic of Search Engine Optimization as well as Search Engine Marketing. Will be back with few more interesting articles and blog posts about SEO for small websites and bloggers. Happy SEOsurfing !!

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  1. Soon we will be back with detailed information for small and medium websites’ webmasters and bloggers and how they should venture into SEOing their website. We have few tips and tricks for these webmasters who are interested in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing like Google Adwords and others

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